12 Things a MEP-Delegate should do in Berlin

Berlin is full of history, museums and tourist hot spots. But if you want more than just being a tourist – and MEP-Delegates are more than that– here you have some ideas that may help you to feel like a real Berliner: Try it out, take a picture and send it to mep-germany@web.de

Drinking a Club-Mate in a Späti (The Berlin Hippster Drink)

Eating a Döner in Reinickendorf or Kreuzberg

Visiting the Eastside Gallery (Ostbahnhof/Warschauerstrasse)

Watching out for Europe in Berlin (everywere)

Skating at the Tempelhofer Feld

Reflecting on the history of the 20th century  at the Marx-Engels Statue (Near Red Townhall – Rotes Rathaus)

Berlin Sky above – Kollhoff-Tower –Potsdamer Platz (6,50€)

Hugging a Berlin Bear (everywere)

Dancing to some of the big Berlin Hymns: Heros – David, Romero – Köpenick; Seed – Dickes B ….

Feeling like in Hollywood on the walk of fame (Potsdamer Platz)

Visiting the most beautiful place in the world – Alexanderplatz (Fernsehturm, Brunnen, Weltzeituhr and the Barbecue walkers)

Spotting the apes in the Berlin Zoo from the Bikinihouse (Bahnhof Zoo)

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